Below we provide answers to some most common questions we get from the prospective candidates:

1. Is there any specific time of the year you recruit? 

No, Azimutus recruits throughout the year, depending on business needs.
2. I'm about to graduate this year - is it possible for me to join Azimutus already now? 

For the final year students as well as the recent graduates we have a position of an analyst/intern. If you're still a student, but your classes don't take up too much of your time we can offer you a flexible work arrangements to let you combine work at Azimutus with finishing your studies.

3. How long does the internship with Azimutus last?
Depending on the needs and availability on the both sides - usually not shorter than 3 months.

4. Is there any specific time of a year you run internships?
You can have an internship with us any time of a year. The exact timing depends on our business needs and your availability.

5. Do you compensate your interns? 


6. Is there any preferred type of experience you look for in the prospective candidates? 

Experience profile depends mostly on whether we look for a candidate to our management consulting or investment banking division. In general we look for people who previously worked for the renown consulting companies and investment banks. We do also hire people experienced in the FMCG industry too. The list is however, not closed - we're open to valuable people with different (but still business) backgrounds.

7. I'm about to graduate - what do you mostly look for in the CV of the prospective candidates? 

There's no single rule for a good CV. The most important condition is that it reflects the reality. A good candidate should be able to prove with his or her CV, that he or she has all it takes to be a successful consultant.

8. What languages do you prefer at Azimutus? 

Every Azimutus Associate has to be fluent in Polish and English. Advanced skills in at least one other European language make a strong point to the application too.

9. Would I get a chance to work outside Poland during my career with Azimutus? 

 Yes. Thanks to cooperation with the international consulting companies there is such possibility however, this of course depends on the project needs.