At the start of your career with Azimutus you will be offered a position that suits your abilities and experience. In Azimutus however, we expect that you develop fast while working with us. Thinking of people, who want to move forward we've created a clear career path. Criteria one needs to meet to move along are clearly defined.

1. Analyst

Analyst, as an entry level position, is offered to the outstanding graduates from the renown institutions who haven't yet gained substantial professional experience. Analyst supports our Associates through research and structuring information necessary for them to develop solutions for our clients.

2. Associate

Associate position is offered to candidates with at least 1 year of professional experience. Associates supported and directed by our managers develop solutions for our clients. They participate in meetings with the client, prepare necessary analysis and recommendations. Associates are also responsible for financial modeling and preparing presentation materials.

3. Senior Associate

Senior Associate is a person with 3 to 4 years of professional experience. Compared to Associate, Senior Associate has more independence in his or her project work which is connected with greater responsibility as well. Senior Associates usually manage selected project work streams and work closer with the clients.

4. Manager

Managers at Azimutus are responsible for planning, asigning and supervision of the project work streams. They organize Associates work and support them in developing recommendations as well as with day to day cooperation with our clients.