Career path


At the start of your career with Azimutus you will be offered a position that suits your abilities and experience. In Azimutus however, we expect that you develop fast while working with us. Thinking of people, who want to move forward we’ve created a clear career path. Criteria one needs to meet to move along are clearly defined.

1. Analyst
Analyst, as an entry level position, is offered to the outstanding graduates from the renown universities who haven’t yet gained substantial professional experience. Analyst supports our Associates through research and structuring information necessary for them to develop solutions for our clients.

2. Associate
Associate position is offered to candidates with at least 1 year of professional experience. Associates supported and directed by our managers develop solutions for our clients. They participate in meetings with the client, prepare necessary analysis and recommendations. Associates are also responsible for financial modeling and preparing presentation materials.

3. Senior Associate
Senior Associate is a person with 3 to 4 years of professional experience. Compared to Associate, Senior Associate has more independence in his or her project work which is connected with greater responsibility as well. Senior Associates usually manage selected project work streams and work closer with the clients.

4. Manager
Managers at Azimutus are responsible for planning, assigning and supervision of the project work streams. They organize Associates work and support them in developing recommendations as well as with day to day cooperation with our clients.

Recruitment process


The job of a transactions advisor requires diverse skills and abilities at the same time. They range from superior analytical skills, through structured problem solving approach to independence in organizing ones tasks. Agile and rigorous mind is yet not everything: outstanding advisor should easily build relationships and be able to clearly present his or her conclusions and ideas. To succeed in this business one must also have courage to stand for his views and have this kind of a natural curiosity that doesn’t satisfy with usual solutions.

This is why our recruitment process takes 2 steps. It was designed for comprehensive assessment of your experience, skills and motivation to work for Azimutus. This approach makes it possible for us to get to know you better and for your to make an educated choice.

Step 1. Test
It is our proprietary test and comprises of two parts. The first was designed to verify your analytical thinking and numerical skills. The second part is meant to check your reasoning skills and ability to process through a vast amount of text information. There are also some basic business knowledge questions in it too.

The entire test takes up to one hour, the test language is English and using calculator is forbidden.

Step 2. Interview. Case study.
If you succeed with your test we shall invite you to an interview. The interviewers are our experienced managers and Partners. 
Prior to the interview you might be asked to prepare a short (10-15 minutes) presentation showing your solution to a given case study. The cases are usually connected with the real business issues our team faces in their day to day work.  At the beginning of the meeting we will ask you to present your solution – this will be the starting point for the further discussion. In the course of the interview you might also be asked to solve some other case studies. Our interviewers will also be interested in getting to better know and understand your experience, passions, hobbies and sources of your motivation. Part of the interview might be conducted in English or other foreign language declared by you in your application.

If the interview makes us sure we fit each other you will be presented with an offer.


Below we provide answers to some most common questions we get from the prospective candidates:

1. Is there any specific time of the year you recruit?
No, Azimutus recruits throughout the year, depending on business needs.

2. I’m about to graduate this year – is it possible for me to join Azimutus already now?
For the final year students as well as the recent graduates we have a position of an analyst/intern. If you’re still a student, but your classes don’t take up too much of your time we can offer you a flexible work arrangements to let you combine work at Azimutus with finishing your studies.

3. How long does the internship with Azimutus last?
Depending on the needs and availability on the both sides – usually not shorter than 3 months.

4. Is there any specific time of a year you run internships?
You can have an internship with us any time of a year. The exact timing depends on our business needs and your availability.

5. Do you compensate your interns?

6. Is there any preferred type of experience you look for in the prospective candidates?
In general we look for people who previously worked for the renown consulting companies and investment banks. We do also hire people experienced in the FMCG industry too. The list is however, not closed – we’re open to valuable people with different (but still business) backgrounds.

7. I’m about to graduate – what do you mostly look for in the CV of the prospective candidates?
There’s no single rule for a good CV. The most important condition is that it reflects the reality. A good candidate should be able to prove with his or her CV, that he or she has all it takes to be a successful advisor.

8. What languages do you prefer at Azimutus?
Every Azimutus Associate has to be fluent in Polish and English. Advanced skills in at least one other European language make a strong point to the application too.

9. Would I get a chance to work outside Poland during my career with Azimutus?
Yes. Thanks to cooperation with the international consulting companies there is such possibility however, this of course depends on the project needs.